Montrae Mining Shock-Cusion Subs are used in angle and vertical drilling operations for reducing vibration and ware in rotary heads and drilling rigs. The unique design allows soft connections of rod threads and decreases the impact on rotary heads and masts.


IMPORTANT FUNCTIONSMontrae Mining Shock-Cusion Subs

  • Montrae Mining Shock-Cusion Subs can be used on hammer drilling or rotary drilling
  • Has the ability to reduce vibration in drill mode or retract mode
  • Provides soft connection with mating threads
  • Longer thread life
  • Longer bearing and gear life
  • Has proven ability to increase rotary head life and drill rig down time


Montrae Mining started designing a Shock-Cusion Sub that would be maintenance free and would last 6 months in any condition, from Gold Mines to Hard Rock and achieving up to 12 months in Iron ore.

A shock-cushion sub was placed on a SKF Rig. The Drill and Blast Supervisor, commissioned an independent vibration test by a company who performs vibration testing in the Mine Mill. The results were that the Montrae Mining Shock-Cusion Sub was by far the best vibration reduction results recorded at that site. This testing was carried out on 5 different cushion sub manufactures. The Shock-Cusion Sub was running for 6 months with no leaking of grease or air and was replaced with our 36000 Shock-Cusion Sub, the most common Shock-Cusion Sub used in Australia.

Montrae Mining then manufactured a 46000 Shock-Cusion Sub that would run on SKSS with 8-5/8" pipe running 10-5/8" rotary and hammer. This 46000 Shock-Cusion Sub has achieved the same results as its little brother, the 36000.

After such success with the 36000 and 46000, Montrae Mining has now developed 6 different sizes of Shock-Cusion Subs to suit any Drill Rig Configuration. All 6 have achieved fantastic vibration analysis results and exceptional feedback from on-site staff. All subs can be fitted with a Montrae Mining Locking System.

These are our different PDF Shock-Cusion Sub specifications for you to view.


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